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Hi! ✨ I'm so glad you're interested in a Boudoir session, weather that reason be to help build/rebuild your confidence, create a wedding gift for your Significant Other as a Honey moon gift or simply because you want to dress down and feel like a Queen. Whatever the reason I AM HERE TO CHEER YOU ON!  

During your session I will create an atmosphere that is uplifting, encouraging and comfortable so that your best self is represented.
If you're on the fence about booking, need help picking out Lingerie, or simply just don't know where to begin The VIP group might provide some valuable information for you!
This is where I post all my available backgrounds, discounts and giveaways. Join the free VIP group here!

I am a print photographer and sessions do not include prints. I take pride in providing my clients with prints that they are excited to present at an affordable cost. I do know that digitals are a 'need' so each purchased print does include the matching digital sized to the ordered print size.
So as an example if you ordered an 8x10 print you would receive the 8x10 plus the matching digital copy sized at 8x10.
My average client does a 2-3 outfit session and spends $300-400 in print products.

Check out the feature article Voyage Austin wrote about APP!

Awarded Publications: Picton Magazine, VOLANT Magazine, New Face, Horizont Magazine, SDVoyager, Voyage Austin  

STUDIO UPDATE AS OF APRIL 10, 2021: I do have a print order minimum of $150. My lab has issued a higher print order minimum and I'm not able to eat the cost of their minimum per client any more. I apologize for any inconvenience.




For every excuse you have to not do a boudoir session; I have one why you SHOULD do one.

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Session Check List Download
1 min read

This is downloadable checklist I made that will help ease the stress of packing your bag for your boudoir session.

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5 Tips to help you Prepare for your Boudoir Session
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These are my 5 easy tips I tell all my clients after we nail down a photo shoot date!

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