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Hey Love! ✨

I know scheduling a boudoir session can leave you wondering how to best prepare for one the week before. These are my 5 easy tips I tell all my clients after we nail down a photo shoot date.

My number one recommendation and personal FAV is to get pampered! 😍 

If you wax schedule that appointment four to five days before your session to avoid any unsightly bumps or redness caused from waxing. This is also a good time to make your facial appointments, touch up your eyebrows and lashes. 

Let's talk hair 💁‍♀️If you need a touch up or fresh cut schedule your hair appointment four to five days before your session as well. This will give the dye time to settle and not look so vibrant in your photos. 

Also, don’t forget your nails! 💅🏻 Schedule a nail appointment three to two days before your session. I recommend two days because your nails won’t have time to get messed up or grow out a noticeable amount. Don’t forget your toes! Some of my most popular poses are done barefoot.

Doing these appointments before your shoot will help you feel your best going into your session.

If you tan I would avoid doing a tanning session in the days leading up to your session. While a healthy tan is great a sunburn or tan lines won’t be flattering in your photos. Absolutely do not spray tan the same week as your session. Spray tans give an orange cast. Remember, you want to look like your naturally beautiful self!

Drink lots of water! Honestly, I’m bad at drinking water and staying hydrated. But on the weeks that I’m good about drinking water I’ve noticed my skin clears up, I sleep better and look well rested, and I have more energy. Which are all things you would want to be during a photo session! Or in just in general if I’m being honest haha. 😜

If you’re skim reading - Stop here!

This is the MOST important piece of advice. 

Try on all your wardrobe items several days before your session. Have a mini Runway show with yourself. 💃

Make sure you like the fit, like the vibe and the items do what you want them to do. Different lingerie styles are going to draw more attention to different areas of your figure. Make sure it’s working for you and you’re comfortable with the areas the lingerie is drawing attention too. 

If you would like more help on wardrobe check out Boudoir Wardrobe and what the styles do for my body type. I go into depth about every style of lingerie in a way that isn’t overwhelming. 

Try on EVERYTHING three days before your session. This way you’ll have time to go shopping if you don’t like the fit.

Finally, Pack the night before your session and go to bed early.😴 I created a downloadable checklist to help you pack everything you need for a successful session. If you would like that resource click here

I’m so looking forward to your session and can not wait to show you your beauty. 


P.S. This was taken at a VIP over night Sleep over where I was demonstrating how to pose in the doorway for a silhouette image. 

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