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Happy Wednesday! ✨

I always get this question before a session. 

After photographing boudoir for 2 years I can now confidently tell you what you'd absolutely need during your boudoir session, and some items that you don't. I used to recommend some really silly items that now I have to laugh at. 

I created this checklist about 2 weeks after starting this boudoir journey. Andddd ummm yea... It needs an update. 😂

I have no idea why I put: 

Nail polish - umm? 🤨

Bumblegum/ lollipops - What? 😂🤨

Romper sets - They are cute, however these sets have to most wardrobe mishaps. Continuously fixing your look can disrupt you feeling like a Baddie. 

Robes - I have robes clients can borrow

Slippers - If we're going for a murder mystery CSI vibe... than totally bring slippers. But I think barefoot sessions are the best when it comes to boudoir. 

Champagne/ wine - Provided for Vixen and Bombshell bookings

Flowers -I have long stem Roses, Petals, Levander stems, and some goth flowers) unless you specifically want your favorite flowers or fresh ones I wouldn't worry bringing any. 

I'm going to post a new check list that is organized by Mood Board. It's going to be easy to use! 

Let's talk about Lingerie. I can not stress enough how much your outfits set the tone for your entire shoot. When shopping we want to keep our mood board in our minds. The style of your lingerie is going to be based on your comfort level.

If you want a sweet look we're going to be looking at Babydoll lingerie, bodysuits or the cozy outfits. Your over sized sweaters, Partner's T etc. 

If you picked a DNSFW (Defiantly Not Safe For Work) option we're going to be looking for lingerie that has lots of straps, maybe some leather. Spicier sessions look best with heels, boots or fishnets. To be honest, all other moods are best done barefoot. 

I do still recommend a 2 or 3 piece matching set however cheeky underwear is going to plumb your bum up more and photograph better than a thong. I feel that a 3 piece lingerie set is better because you can choose to use it or not. I know that some days I like my stomach some days I want to cover it up. I never know how I'm going to feel and if I were doing my boudoir session I'd like the option. 

This list makes me laugh SO much. I remember being so shy making it. 

Please use this one!

It's less confusing.

Just find the Mood you're going for and check it off when it's in your bag.

I will say that even if you feel like that item isn't in your comfort zone it's totally okay to leave it out completely. Many clients have gotten braver throughout their session and said they were so glad they packed XYZ. At the beginning of the session they had a "not in a million yrs" but by mid session they be digging through their bag for that "risky" item. With a boudoir session I would highly recommend bringing more than you expect to use. We might not use it all. Options are always better than wishing you had something during your session. 

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