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Hi y’all! ✨

I’ve been holding back on posting this because I was worried it would come off as cringey.

Genuinely, If this helps you decide to go with a professional boudoir photographer, even if it’s not me, I’m happy and just as proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone.

There’s a lot of controversy about the prices professional boudoir photographers set. Yes, they are high but here is why. 

This isn't about the cost of equipment or overhead costs. I've always felt that those posts are a moot point as a photography business owner. I'm talking about the potential emotional damage and self confidence crashing hard if your photographer isn't experienced in boudoir.

Boudoir is a very specialized form of photography. Not only are we your photographer but there are times during your session we’re often like a therapist. There is soooo so much vulnerability during boudoir sessions. Vulnerability has to be treated with care. If done wrong it can and will hinder your view of yourself in such a damaging way. 

See photos don’t act like a mirror. When you hold a photograph of yourself you instantly recall how you felt when that photo was taken.  Photos give you a sense of self. This is why psychologists say that pictures of your kids and family are important to have hanging in our homes.

It may look attractive when you see a new photographer that’s offering cheap sessions for portfolio work. But most new photographers don’t realize how specialized boudoir photography is. They jump into shooting without much research and realize too late they are in over their heads.

When you’re working with a new photographer your session (which should be 100% focused on you) becomes a “learning experience”. 

You’ll hear things like “No, that doesn’t look good” or “your leg looks weird” making you more nervous and more self conscious. 

They might be focused on the light being just perfect and not focused on the experience. 

Or maybe they interject "Their Artistic Vision" and don't listen to what you need from the session.

Before stepping into boudoir I had around 15 years of shooting so all my camera sittings, lighting, and how to phrase directions for a pose was automatic during a session. I spent the whole week watching workshops, studying poses, writing the directions to those poses, and saying them over and over again making sure that they made sense before photographing my first boudoir session. The last thing I wanted was to be unprepared. For most women, boudoir is often an experience that is only done once or once every 5 years. 

Since that very first boudoir session I’ve photographed boudoir exclusively. That was two years ago. Some months I was doing up to 10 sessions. With a professional you’re getting the decorum to put you at ease, expert posing directions, lighting, props, sets and so much more that a newer photographer hasn’t built up to just yet.

A boudoir session should be nothing but empowering. You shouldn’t be worried about the photographer not getting the right angles. 

You should feel confident your photographer can exceed your expectations. 

You should be able to trust your photographer can pose you to create sexy photos that don't seem forced.

With the right photographer your nerves should be put to ease within the first half of your session.  

I would hate for you to have a less than empowering experience during your session. If you don't like my style that's okay! I'm happy to refer other professionals in the area.

If you do want me to be your photographer, I would be honored to guide you through a session and you can email me here

~arin ✨

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