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I have to tell you... This session gave me LIFE!

I loved that she wanted to do a bridal look and have her album move more towards the spicer side of life as it unfolded. I loved that through out then photo shoot she got more and more comfortable with experimenting with different expressions. 

With every pose suggestion she really lent into it with confidence and My GAWDDD DOES IT SHOW!!!

When I deliver products I ask every client if I can film it, if they say yes I simply start the video. I don't ask them anything else or prompt them in anyway. 

If you'd like to see her genuine reaction watch the video (double click). It speaks for itself.  

The way she hugs it at the end 🥲 I Can't 


When designing an Album I take everything into account. 

From your reactions during the Ordering Session I already know which ones are your favorites. I mentally tag those so I can make sure I have those as Centerfold options.  

I take into account all the conversations we had prior to your session. This was a bridal session which is why the bridal look came first. She also had mentioned wanting to be "sweet and sexy" before the "NSFW" images so in knowing that I made the decision to use softer poses in the first outfit.  

Tying the whole book together with details from your session as backgrounds makes it truly unique. 

If images have the same "Vibe" I like to display them on the same page instead of separate. 

Of course you'll have final say in how your album's layout is and always get a digital proof before I send it to my printing lab. 

If you're looking to have your bridal boudoir session done for your groom or wife I'd love to assist you!

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~ arin   

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