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Hey Lovely! ✨

I like to make things simple for you ANDD me! 🙌

So it's only natural that my boudoir session process is simple, Start to Finish! After you book and fill out the client questionnaire; I’ll send you several Mood Boards that you can draw inspiration from. 

What you’re drawn to will tell me what direction you would like to take your session in. It can be a combination of several looks or just one. Or one that’s completely unique to you! Picking a Mood Board helps us be on the same page. If we're on the same page before your session it  will make the day of your appointment run more smoothly and ensure you walk around with EXACTLY what you were hoping for.

If I've done my job right... more than what you were hoping for 😉

The Mood Boards are something I used to do for designers when we'd work on editorials. I like that they can put together a clear image of what we're aiming for so I still use them. Some of my clients like it demure, whimsical, moody and some even like it spicer than they would ever consider wearing. All visions are accepted here ☺️

The day of your session, you’ll come to the studio with hair and makeup done. If you'd like to have recommendations of trusted makeup artists let me know when you fill out your Client Questionnaire. 

At the studio we’ll hang up your items. Once I see what you actually bring; we’ll talk about backgrounds. I have around 30 drops to choose from but I’ll only mention the ones that I think will go with your mood board and the outfits you brought.

From there you'll enjoy champagne and music while I get your background ready. It usually only takes me the amount of time it takes you to change to hang the 1st background.

 I’ll start with super simple poses and work up to more complex ones guiding you the whole way. Standing and sitting poses are usually first before we ever start the bed poses. I do this because I found it was a bit intimidating for clients if their session went straight into lounging on a bed in lingerie - and it can be! So we start small and work our way up to it when you're comfortable. If you can stand, sit on your knees, or lay down… you’ll be able to the majority of the poses since those are the base actions each pose is built around.

The photo reveal is my Favorite part! 

After all your beautiful images have been shot, you’ll change back into your street clothes while I upload your photos to your folder. You’ll enjoy some snacks and champagne while we look through them together and decide which ones are your favorite images! (yes, you get to see them before I retouch them)

We'll decide which ones you’d like prints of or to include in your album. If you choose an Album you'll decide on the cover's color or the photo you would like on the front. 

Your order takes 6-8 weeks to retouch and send to my lab. When your order arrives I do a second quality check. If everything looks perfect I’ll package it up for you to pick it up!

And that’s it! Easy peasy and super simple! 

If you have any questions please email me at hello@arinpphoto.com

I'm looking forward to your session!
Your Photographer

~ arin ✨

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